Solving problems in higher education

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We have partnered with universities with a motivation to be early adopters of learning technology. The universities bring expertise and insight, we provide startup geeks with a true passion for improving education.

Together we get past opinion-based discussions and jump into experiments and research with us to get the real data and valid results. Read more





EdTech Foundry is a startup factory that builds products for higher education.

We collaborate with universities to
solve problems, validate solutions and
build, run and scale our own edtech startups. 

"The digital learning environment we need for the future does not exist yet. We need to build it, together. And we have partnered with Edtech Foundry to lead the way."

Anne Berit Swanberg, PHd
Director of LearningLab, BI Norwegian Business School

Join a team of like-minded startup and education geeks

You have an eagerness to make an impact in higher education industry and have your own story to contribute? At Edtech Foundry, we are a team who create teams for problem-solving, with a diversity in background and skillsets. From strategic planning to marketing or conducting empirical research, working with our team means you will learn hand-on experiences in Edtech startups.

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Let's fix education

Learning is seeking new knowledge. It’s how we do what we want and become good with it. And it’s how we improve our impact on the world. By inspiring and teaching people in using learning technology to change the industry, we are in turn making bigger and longer-lasting footprints to the world.

Our mission is to create startups that help universities and educators improve their teaching methods, and help students get better learning experiences.

Core team

We believe in the power of education to change lives.
And the power of technology to change education.


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On a mission


Kristian Collin Berge

Entrepreneurship lecturer at University of Oslo.

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Oslo Office:
Co/BI Norwegian Business School
Nydalsveien 37, 
0484 Oslo, Norway

All course communication in one place 

The current flagship product is the communication app for higher education. Today, teachers and students must use both the LMS, Facebook groups, emails and more for their course communication. We have all course communication in one place.

  • Automating pedagogical triggers to increase student engagement
  • All direct chats, group work and course communication in one place.

‚ÄčThe app has given 5x the student engagement compared to Facebook and a lot more than the current learning management system used in higher education.


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Increasing student engagement

VP New Business
Geir Sand Nilsen

API lead
Are Almaas

Web lead
Kenneth Lynne

Startup geek. Former founder of MobileSchool, sold to 1000+ schools.

Former founder and developer of the StudentPortal

Former founder and developer of the StudentPortal

Creating startups in collaboration with universities

User Interaction lead
Xin Li

Former designer of learning platforms with Design Without Borders.

London Office:
Co/The Trampery, 239 Old Street,

London EC1V 9EY, United Kingdom

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