EdTech Foundry is a startup factory that builds products for higher education.

We collaborate with universities to 
solve problems, validate solutions and 
build, run and scale our own edtech startups.

..and scale companies with growth potential
..together with educational institutions..
Solving problems and validating solutions..

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The digital learning environment we need for the future does not exist yet.
We need to build it, together.

And we have partnered with EdTech Foundry to lead the way.

The EdTech Foundry process always starts with a problem or a need. Always.
We do not read business plans or listen to pitches. We dedicate teams to validate problems and possible solutions.

We build edtech startups

A startup factory for learning technology

Stage: Company creation
Status: Closed beta 
CEO: Kristian Collin Berge


Stage: Incubation
Status: Prototype validated
Project Leader: Geir Sand Nilsen

Stage: Incubation
Status: Problem identified
Project Leader: Linn Ødegård

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All problems and solutions are tested with selected universities, lecturers and students.
Universities may influence the process, get insight and early access to new learning technology.

For projects with validated problems, solutions and growth we set up a new company. We build a team with the right skill set to take the company to the next step and back with needed ressources.

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Anne Berit Swanberg, PHd
Director of BI 
BI Norwegian Business School


Our passion is learning, technology and startups.
Read why 

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"As an entrepreneurship lecturer at University of Oslo for 8 years I have felt so many frustrations with learning technology. It must be changed."
Kristian Collin Berge, CEO
It's cool to try to change the world yourself, but it's superduper much cooler to make others understand they can change the world.
Geir Sand Nilsen, VP New Business
“There is no other industry where one can have such a profound positive impact on society as education
Kenneth Lynne, Front-end Lead
There can't be anything better than to work to improve the foundation of all great innovations, which is education.
Are Almaas, Back-end Lead
“Education is the the most meaningful industry to work in."
Sondre Overskaug, Mobile apps lead


We all believe learning technology can have a positive impact on the world.

5x increased student engagement in university courses

Personal teaching assistant
Peer assessment tool

Giving all university lecturers a personal teaching assistant

Solving the feedback problem in higher education


Coming soon
Mysterious growler, Design lead

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