From passive to active learning

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The education system was once built to push knowledge, one to many. And current learning platforms are made to do just that, distribute information. But passive recipients learn less than active participants. And new pedagogical practices are emerging to trigger active learning. Now, new learning platforms must emerge as well to truly allow the shift to active learning. 

Join a collaborative process with schools, teachers and students

How exactly can a learning platform trigger active learning? Edtech Foundry has partnered with schools and universities to find the answer. Together we are identifiying the biggest problems with current learning platforms, and building new solutions. Pilot projects are under way to test new functionality in live courses, and measure student response.


Did you know? Most teachers are frustrated with low student engagement. And this is a problem because engagement is necessary for learning. So we are building a new solution; the most engaging learning platform in the world. Follow our work here, and get early access.

"The digital learning environment we need for the future does not exist yet. We need to build it, together. And we have partnered with Edtech Foundry to lead the way."

Anne Berit Swanberg
Director of LearningLab, BI Norwegian Business School

Getting real data on
how to trigger active learning

Every education professional has opinions about what teachers and students need from a learning platform. But to get past opinion-based discussions, we must do controlled experiments and get real data. So far we have done preliminary experiments with more than 250 students and teachers. And we have more than 500 students on our platform, where we experiment to find the exact functionality needed to increase student engagement and trigger active learning. Consistent results are emerging.

Our mission:
Improve learning outcomes

Learning is how you get good grades. It's how you get the job you want, and keep it. And it's how you improve your impact on the world. A learning platform is not a goal in itself, but a means to improve education. And we judge the true value of our platform only by how well it helps you teach better and learn more. That is our mission, to help you improve your courses, and help students get better results. 

Core team

We believe in the power of education to change lives.
And the power of technology to change education.






Kristian Collin Berge

Also entrepreneurship lecturer at University of Oslo.

Say hello...

Kristian Collin Berge,,  +47 95204948

Oslo Office:
Co/BI Norwegian Business School
Nydalsveien 37, 
0484 Oslo, Norway

Building the most engaging learning platform in the world

Personalized, integrated, available on all devices, that's a given. The true challenge lies in building a platform where students WANT to take an active role in creating and organizing educational content. Not only responding to assignments, posting in separate forums, or collaborating in isolated groups. Our data indicates that this is the only way to truly trigger students to build and share knowledge in and across their courses. So what features exactly? Contact us and we will show you a demo. And to influence development and have the platform tailored to your needs, get involved in piloting.


Geir Sand Nilsen

Are Almaas

Kenneth Lynne

Former founder of MobileSchool, sold to 1000+ schools.

Former founder
and developer of the StudentPortal

Former founder
and developer of the StudentPortal

Official Alpha startup at WebSummit

With 22,000 attendees from more than 100 countries, WebSummit has been called "the best technology conference in the world". Edtech Foundry was selected to attend as part of their Alpha track for very promising startups.


Seminar May 12th at BI LearningLab, sharing our findings so far.

Learn more:

Xin Li

Former designer of learning platforms with Design Without Borders.

London Office:
Co/The Trampery, 239 Old Street,

London EC1V 9EY, United Kingdom

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